Tomi and her SonTomi and son, Andrew in
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In December, 2005, my family and I traveled to the Nyumbani Children’s Home in Kenya. The children we met there, and the selfless people who devote themselves to helping them thrive, changed our lives. Soon after our return, HEARt the Village was founded to support the victims of diseases of poverty.

There is help and hope for the victims of the HIV virus and other diseases of poverty in sub-Saharan Africa. No longer a death sentence, HIV is now a chronic disease that can be managed through good medication and nutrition. Children who receive proper nutrition and medication can live long, healthy lives.

Nyumbani VillageNyumbani Village
Most of the adult residents of the slums surrounding Nyumbani are hard working, intelligent, caring people who have nowhere else to go. I was distressed to learn that many of my Kenyan friends live there. The newly populated Nyumbani Village offers a new and refreshing model of hope for a better life and greater opportunity for both children and grandparents affected by HIV.

It is amazing and thrilling how little help can make a tremendous difference. The entire Nyumbani orphanage, more than 100 children, can be fed for $1,000 per month. A home housing a dozen people can be built in the Village for $10,000.00.

At HEARt of the Village, Inc., we hope to bring caring individuals in the US and in other parts of the world together with ways to help victims of diseases of poverty. If you want to help, let us show you how.

HEARt of the Village, Inc.
Dr. Tomi Browne